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After waking in the forest, a lost spirit discovers he has wings, and is captured by two mischievous children who name him ‘Birdie’, and take him home as their new pet.

But Birdie soon discovers that the three of them are more connected than he knows, and he will need the children’s help to find his mother, and return to the old ways before his death.

But with his mother’s life threatened by an impending storm, Birdie will be faced with the ultimate choice.

Director & Writer Jeannie Psomoulis

Writer  Jeannie Psomoulis

Producer  Haris Fazlic

DOP Shyam Ediriweera & Juzzy Kane

Production Designer Elena Lyons Dawson

Original Score Liam Whittaker & Troy Rogan


Birdie  Max Neal

Elizabeth  Tilly Legge

Charlie  Ellie Stewart

Benji Thomas Cox

Young Birdie Alexander Artemov

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